Pumas 20 - 42 Bobcats

Bobcats tame the Pumas to move to 3-1

The Bournemouth Bobcats travelled to Maidstone on Sunday to play the Maidstone Pumas. Despite an early start, traffic meant that the travelling Bobcats were late arriving and had little time to prepare for the game, the warm ups being done in double time to make the card check.

With the formalities out of the way, the Bobcats elected to receive the opening kick-off. The long journey and short preparation time, coupled with some tough tackles from the Puma’s defence meant that the Bobcats were forced to punt early. The Pumas looked to move the ball through the air and found some early success on some out routes. However they too stuttered in their drive and punted the ball away.


The second Bobcat drive was far more successful. Some tough runs from #4 Isaacs and #26 Baker set up a deep ball down field, #89 Griffith with the catch and run to the end zone. #61 Tarr added the extra point.


Pumas 0 – 7 Bobcats

The Pumas could not respond to the Bobcats touchdown although they did move the chains and get some good yardage. The Bobcats had found their rhythm and scored again, this time after an 

interception from #24 Burn and a short field #1 MacDonald ran up the middle to make it 13 – 0 to the Bobcats. #61 Tarr extra point was good.

Pumas 0 – 14 Bobcats​

With both teams looking to be aggressive the first quarter quickly came to an end. The Bobcats had found their rhythm but the Pumas offensive drives were also looking promising.​

End of First Quarter


Pumas 0 – 14 Bobcats

In the second quarter both teams found success in the ground game. Possessions changed frequently until, after some good tough yards from #13 Barnes, #4 Isaacs bounced a run to the outside and ran in from 9 yards. Again #61 Tarr kicked the extra point.​

Pumas 0 – 21 Bobcats

With the Bobcats looking to keep a shut out going into the half the Pumas came out firing and made it clear that they were looking to claw back some points. Despite some good coverage in the secondary, the Pumas moved the ball following an interception and run back, eventually finding the end zone. The extra point attempt was blocked and recovered by the kicker.​

Half time score

Pumas 6 – 21 Bobcats

Despite the score line at the half time whistle, there was still a lot to improve on from the Bobcats. The Pumas were proving to be a tough team and the Bobcats would need to use their experience to make sure that they came out firing in the second half.


It was however the Pumas who got the first score of the second half. Moving the ball in the air again and helped with a penalty, the Pumas threw a ball into the end zone that was caught by the receiver. This time they went for two points but it failed. The Pumas side-line were very vocal in their support of their Pumas, who believed they could get back into the game.

Pumas 12 – Bobcats 21​

The next score would be crucial. The Bobcats had stuttered offensively in the second half and could not afford to make any more errors. The Bobcats kept their cool and answered the Pumas score with one of their own. #26 Baker and #4 Isaacs continued to move the ball and once in Puma territory #1 MacDonald looked for #8 Nacho with another deep route. The catch was made and the celebrations by the Bobcats made it clear that they knew how important the touchdown was. #61 Tarr again put the extra point through the uprights.


Pumas 12 – Bobcats 28

The game continued to be a battle as the game entered the final quarter. Some fantastic tackles from #18 Williams, #9 Archer and #55 Ford including a sack and several tackles in the backfield for a loss. This set up the Bobcat offense to score again. Several pass completions set up a short field and #1 MacDonald hooked up with #43 Peck on a slant. Peck shook off a tackle and beat two more defenders before being bundled over the line. #61 Tarr added the extra point.


Pumas 12 – Bobcats 35

That looked to be the end of the Pumas attempt to get back into the game however they seem to be made of strong stuff and produced a huge touchdown of their own. In their own half the Pumas quarterback picked out #80 and after beating the defender in the air took it to the house much to the delight of the home crowd.

The 2pt conversion was also successful, a short pass to the left finding its target.


Pumas 20 – Bobcats 35

There was still time on the clock for the Bobcats to get the ball and make another drive downfield. A nice break away and run from the ever competitive #26 Baker put the Bobcats just outside the red zone. After a break for a time out #1 MacDonald threw a deep ball to the left corner of the end zone where #80 Dadson was waiting to put the game to bed. #61 Tarr again put another point on the board.

The Pumas would take possession for the final time with the clock running out. They were nearly rewarded with another long passing touch down but it was called back for holding. There was time for

Pumas 20 – Bobcats 42

one last play by the Bobcats defence. Throughout the game injuries had plagued the linemen so with players playing out of position #14 Adams stepped up for his first interception of his rookie season. The game came to end after he was tackled out of bounds and the Bobcats could celebrate a hard fought win and move to 3-1 in the SFC II.

There are now three weeks before the Bobcats travel to the league leaders East Kent Mavericks so the Bobcats will look to use the valuable training sessions to make sure that they are ready for the next challenge.

Final score                             Pumas 20 – Bobcats 42

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