Mavericks 14 - 29 Bobcats

Bobcats topple Mavericks away

On Sunday 12th June the Bournemouth Bobcats made the long journey to Canterbury to face the unbeaten Mavericks. After a 3 week game break the players were keen to test themselves against the division leaders and silence a few critics. Conditions were good, the weather although overcast and damp looked like it was clearing and the Mavericks pitch, a 4g beauty, was perfect. After the long cramped coach trip the Bobcat players looked to get pumped up and after positive warm up the captains took to the field for the coin toss.

The Bobcats won and elected to receive. With a much more balanced team nowadays, the Bobcats were confident that they could replicate previous games by scoring on the opening drive. The drive did start slowly, some runs inside and outside did make first downs but the Mavericks had a lot covered. That was until #9 Isaacs burst through the middle. 

From 40 yards out he broke several tackles and powered into the endzone. The resulting extra point from #61 Tarr was good.

Mavericks 0 – 7 Bobcats

The Mavericks bounced back quickly. With a strong QB and several fast running backs, the confusion they caused and the options they had early meant that they moved the ball quickly and the Mavericks QB #84 bounced a run into the endzone. The point after tied the scores.

Mavericks 7 – 7 Bobcats

The Bobcats offence had the ball again from the restart but

this time were unable to do anything with it. After the punt the Mavericks had good field position and looked to capitalise. Some more jinking runs from several Maverick running backs put them in the red zone and the QB found his receiver in the end zone shortly after to go ahead for the first time. The extra point was also good.

Mavericks 14 – 7 Bobcats

The quick scoring nature of the Mavericks was a little worrying, however the defence would have a chance to make adjustments for the next drive. The rest of the half went back and forth on possession. A key drive midway through the second quarter brought the Bobcats right back into it. #1 MacDonald who

had been mostly been running the ball or handing off started to flex his muscles and found #8 Nacho deep down the left to open up the Mavericks defence. A few plays later and #4 Isaacs was in again, the run game proving very successful. This time the extra point was blocked.

Mavericks 14 – 13 Bobcats

That’s the way it stayed until half time, a very close half with the Bobcats playing some of their best football to date.

The second half kicked off and possessions again changed hands, but with the Mavericks backed up in their own half the defence, who had adapted to the Mavericks offence, took control of the game.

With the lineman making it more and more difficult for the QB to hand the ball off to his running backs, a mix up in the backfield saw the ball gifted to #18 Williams. With the ball in hand he couldn’t be stopped, running into the endzone untouched. The Bobcats went for the two point conversion but #1 MacDonald was stopped short of the goal line. The interception felt like a

turning point in the game, The Bobcats were ahead and the momentum seemed firmly in their favour.

Mavericks 14 – 19 Bobcats

The momentum stayed with the Bobcats throughout the third quarter. With #71 Kelly, #25 Slade and #18 Williams persistently hassling the Mavericks quarterback, as well as making key tackles to prevent any first downs, the Bobcat defence handed the ball back to the offence with little trouble. This time the Bobcats needed to make sure that they took control of the game and that’s exactly what they did. Mixing the pass with the run the Mavericks could not stop the Bobcats marching down the field. Penalties from the offence were a mere inconvenience as they continued to eat up the yards and the clock with hard running and top passing. #26 Baker and #15 Barnes were finding big holes on the ground and a hue pass completion to the ever present #8 Nacho as well as completions to #86 Griffith and #80 Dadson meant that the chains moved frequently, keeping the tired Maverick defence on the field. In an effort to score through the air, #1 MacDonald was intercepted in the endzone. Even though the drive had ended with an interception the damage had already been done. By moving the ball so easily as well as eating up 7 minutes of clock, the Mavericks were going to struggle to mount a comeback.

Getting the ball back again the Bobcats continued to pile on the pressure and were rewarded with another touchdown after some solid work from the offence. With the line on fire and everyone doing their job, #26 Baker was able to run to the outside and into space. Baker has been unlucky with touchdowns being called back in the past but with some secure blocking and tough running the touchdown stood as well as the extra point.

Mavericks 14 – Bobcats 26

The game was still in the balance, a score from the Mavericks could ignite a comeback. The Bobcat defence had other ideas. The Mavericks got the ball to midfield but no further, were forced to punt and hand back possession to the offence. Knowing that a score would end the game the offence continued to be dominant, eating up clock and yards as they moved down the field. Eventually they ran out of downs and although they didn’t get the touchdown they wanted, #61 Tarr who is ever consistent with the boot put over a field goal from the right hash that required the Mavericks to score two touchdowns with little time on the clock.

Mavericks 14 – Bobcats 29

The Mavericks did find success from the kick off to the red zone but the Bobcat defence stood firm on 4th down, creating a turnover with almost no time on the clock.

The Bobcat offence required a first down and got one on a penalty, the timeouts were used to stop

the clock but there was nothing they could do in the end with the umpire calling the game and signalling the Mavericks first defeat this year.

The Bobcats move to 4-1 joint top of the SFC II South, a great all round performance from everyone. The Bobcats have a quick turnaround before they welcome another 4-1 team the Berkshire Renegades to Chapel Gate. The Bobcats will be looking to avenge their only defeat this season.  

Final score                             Mavericks 14 – Bobcats 29

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