Bobcats 55-0 Conquerors

Bobcats back to winning ways with convincing win against Hastings

Week 2 of the Bournemouth Bobcats 2017 season found us facing off against the Hasting Conquerors at our brand-new home Bournemouth Electric Club.


The Bobcats approached this game with a positive attitude after the disappointing start to the season. This was expressed when the Bobcats chose to receive the ball to start the game. The first completion of the game showed their positive intent with a massive pass play down the left side line set up great field position.


This opening drive was ended by some hard running by back Isaacs #9 who drove into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game, the PAT was good. Hastings then took over with what looked like a promising opening drive for themselves, which came to a halt by a Bobcats defensive unit that is playing on fire. A fumble forced by (the unknown line-backer who doesn’t want a stat!!) and recovered by Moore #88 set the offensive unit up with some great field position.


Unfortunately, the Bobcats were unable to capitalise on this and the drive ended in a well taken interception by the Conquerors secondary, with the first quarter ending 7-0 to the home side. The start of the second quarter and again the Bobcats offence found themselves on the brink of the Conquerors end zone. Some fantastic running by our back Baker #26 and some big blocks from the entire offensive unit resulted in our second touchdown of the game with the ensuing PAT good.


With the Conquerors, back on the field trying to get themselves going and make something of the game. They found themselves stopped by a fantastic defensive interception at the hands of Burn #24 whom again set up great field position. The Bobcats found the end zone with some strong power running by QB Macdonald #1 hitting the end zone hard for the third touchdown of the day, PAT again spot on.


With the score tipping heavily in the Bobcats favour the Conquerors kept plugging away and playing hard. But the Bobcats defensive unit were not taking their foot off the gas pedal when, a tipped passed that trickled into the hands of Forster #31 gave the Bobcats another interception and set up great field position. This resulted in a rapid 19-yard run by Isaacs #9 into the end zone with the PAT yet again good.


The defensive unit continued to hold strong making the Conquerors pay with an interception by Burn #24 was followed by an excellent run back to the Bobcats 30-yard line. This time round the Bobcats were unable to make use of the great work by the defence and the Conquerors secondary popped up for their second interception of the game. The Conquerors began to get a good drive going but were unfortunately run out by the clock and the half came to an end at 28-0 in favour of the Bobcats. The third quarter began and the message from the coaches keep up the fast-paced football was met as a quick 3 and out of the Conquerors offensive unit gave the ball back to the Bobcats.


With the ball, back in the offensive unit’s hands and the in the hands of running back Baker #26 some fantastic blocking by the Bobcats o-line resulted in our fifth touchdown of the day. With the boot of Tarr #61 absolutely on fire today the PAT was good with the score now 35-0. The Conquerors took over the ball again and credit to them they kept on going full tilt, but the Bobcats defence today meant business and stopped them again in their tracks.


The punt that followed resulted in some complete blocking all round and a top effort in returning the ball by Burn #24 for a massive 85 yards but was tackled on the 2-yard line just short of the end zone. The offence took over and finished the job with a short (levitating) run by QB Macdonald #1 resulting in a touchdown and of course the PAT was good score 42-0. Conquerors back on the field with the Bobcats defence whom were just not in the mood for being on the field particularly long today, resulted in another 3 and out.


The punt return this time taken by line backer Williams #18 who flew down the right-hand side line to set up the offensive unit on the 16-yard line and not very far to find the end zone. The third quarter came to an end and the fourth started with the Bobcats probing at the end zone. But on a bizarre 2nd down play were a nicely bounced fumble and recovery by Isaacs #9 resulted in the Conquerors defence stopping in some confusion giving us another rushing touchdown this time unfortunately the PAT was blocked with the score now 48-0.


The clock now running the Conquerors continued to play football hard especially with some of their players playing on both sides of the ball they kept their spirits up. But they came face to face with the Bobcats defence whom popped up with another interception, this time the turn of Moore #88, who with a fantastic return put the offence in good field position. This was finished off by QB Macdonald #1 with another rushing touchdown and a good PAT by Tarr #61. The game came to an end with the Bobcats winning (FINAL SCORE: 55-0), some fantastic football on all three phases of the ball takes our record to 1-1.


We would like to thank the Hasting Conquerors for a fantastic game played in good spirits, but the Bobcats now turn their eyes to next week where they face a very good Hertfordshire Cheetahs.


Thank you to all our fans who came down to watch and the game day volunteers that helped us run the game without you we cannot play and appreciate your efforts.


Congratulations to game MVP’s: Offensive MVP: Running back – Davy Baker #26 Defensive MVP: Safety – Tom Burn #24

Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 55 – 0 Conquerors                                   

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