Bobcats 0 - 0 Storm

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Bobcats season comes to a odd end

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Game 8 last game of the season everything riding on one game particularly the 8th and final seed in the play-offs which the Bobcats still had a good chance of claiming. 

The task for the Bobcats was simple do your job and win do not worry about the other game that will decide their play-off fate.  The players given strict instructions by HC Simon McClean 'do not look at the Black Knights and Jurassic Coast score until after the game!!!' ( well he said Monday but I'm sure he knew none of us would do that!!)

The Bobcats traveled well for the last game of the season a strange sight to see, the Swindon Storm on the other hand had a smaller squad but as talented outfit as they are this meant nothing. 

The game kicked off with the Bobcats defence gracing the field and as they have done all season dominated the Storm offence forcing them into a 3 and out on the first drive. 

The Bobcats offence took to the field with a more compact mindset but failed to get the run game going on the first drive. Unable to find the first down they had to give the ball back to the Storm offence. 

This was how the first half went two sides whom their offences had shown sparks of brilliance via a few electric plays, but ultimately dominated by two very talented defense units. The Bobcats unable to find the solution to breaking down the Storm defense as they made minor mistakes that would result in being just short of the 1st downs needed 

The Bobcats defense was marshaled by the tackling prowess of DE #77 King and LB #18 Williams whom made big game tackles to continually force the Storm offence into submission. 

HT 0-0 

Both offences unable to get any points on the board in the first half. 


The team talk at the half was to get the pass game going. First drive out the Bobcats unable to gain the necessary 10 yards to make a first down gave the ball back to the Storm offence. 

Keeping up their form the defence continued to thwart the Storm offence even with their mobile QB trying his best to keep plays alive. The Bobcats offence then turned to rookie receiver Gentile #88 whom pulled in a quick slant route and ran over a few Storm defenders only to be tripped just before breaking towards the end zone.  

Well in the eye of the Bobcats if it ain't broke don't fix it, the very next play QB # 1 Macdonald went back to Gentile #88 whom plucked in another quick catch and took off down field. Unfortunately this time the tackler managed to either plant funny, take a funny hit we really don't know.


He went down with an agonizing scream only to realize he had broken his leg, at this point (although I hadn't checked the score honest!) the Bobcats had a very good chance if they scored on this drive of making that final play-off seed. 

After a almost hour and a half wait for the ambulance the refs decided ( due to climbing scores elsewhere) to forfeit the game and leave it as a draw. Much to both sides dismay they reluctantly agreed, in what was a close affair and what was a growing game in the second half we will never know what was meant to be. 

So the Bobcats finish their season at 3-4-1, which disappointed coaches and players alike whom wanted to finish evens on 4-4. In a very strange and unfulfilling end to the season that is it for the Bobcats of 2018. 

Be sure to keep your eyes out for our end of season review for 2018 (I will do that soon-ish I hope) and announcements on our end of season MVP's and when rookie trials begin.

We would like to wish the Swindon Storm player Callum Elver # 30 the speediest of recoveries and hope to see you again on the field. 

No MVP's this game sorry guys but I leave you with the play of the game by rookie receiver Gentile #88!

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Final Score:                                                 Storm 0 - 0 Bobcats