Bobcats 33 - 39 Blitz B 


Bobcats lose close fought shootout in dying seconds!

The Bobcats having opened the season with a win carried their confidence through to face the division favourites the London Blitz B. The first time that Bournemouth has ever faced London both teams were unsure of what to expect of each other.

The game started with the Bobcats on offence,  unable to acquire the 1st down the ball was punted to the Blitz B. Whom on their first drive moved the ball well and plucked out the first score of the game. 

The Bobcats not disheartened by the early score continued to work hard on offence fighting to get the run game going. They instead turned to receiver Gentile #88 whom caught everything thrown his way and was a complete nuisance in the Blitz B secondary. The first Bobcat touchdown came courtesy of a pass to Burn #24 whom popped open to get the Bobcats equal. 7-7


The Blitz B with the ball back continued to run well and continuous tackles from Isaacs #9 and Cameron #54 kept the Blitz B at bay. The perseverance of the Blitz B and a well placed throw from their QB gave them their second TD of the game, taking the score to 7-14.

The Bobcats came out and continued to be effective through the air working their way down the field after a few big gains. The RB's working hard to find space but the Blitz B were a fast tackling team and shut down most plays quickly. The Bobcats did find the end zone in the 2nd quarter early via the fast feet of WR Edwards #10 but was called back for a dubious offensive PI call. 

The Bobcats continued to work down the field after a big defensive stop and a big punt return by utility man Burn #24. This drive started on the 5 yard line and ended with QB Macdonald #1 smashing his way into the end zone with a good PAT 14-13.

The Blitz B offence back with the ball in the middle of the 2nd quarter, where they set up a long drive down the field. With their QB finishing the drive off by winding his way into the end zone. A failed PAT the score was set at 14-20 to the Blitz B. 

The half time whistle approaching the Bobcats were conscious of getting a score just before the half.  When 2 plays into the drive WR Edwards #10 broke free again for a 50+ yard touchdown this time it stood. The PAT good the Bobcats went into half time with the lead!

HT 21-20 Bobcats.

The Blitz started with the ball in the 3rd quarter and spent no time getting back up to speed and taking back the lead with yet another well placed pass from their QB making the score 21-27. 

A bit of punting back and forth with both teams defences making some big stops. The next score how ever was in favour of the Bobcats. WR Howard #41 took the top off the defence and took a perfectly placed pass by QB Macdonald #1 to the end zone for the Bobcats 4th touchdown of the day. The PAT blocked the settled at 27-27. 

The nature of this game the lead didn't last long in Bobcat favour and the Blitz scored yet again making the score 27-33. The Bobcats knowing that they can move the ball on offence, took to the field again and continued to battle. 

This time Gentile #88 who spent the game collecting first downs finally got his chance at a touchdown. A well run route where he slipped and was able to get up and adjust in the end zone, to give the Bobcats the lead yet again. The PAT good from the foot of Tarr #61 the score 33-27 Bobcats.

The Bobcat defence continued to battle it out with the Blitz B offence stopping them on a few occasions. Likewise the Bobcats offence couldn't quite put the final nail in to finish off the game.  Fatefully the Blitz B offence found the end zone again and took the lead once again making the score 33-39. 

The Bobcats had less then 40 seconds to win the game. A well placed pass to Burn #24 who just kept popping up everywhere set the Bobcats up to take the lead. Unfortunately a few offensive mental errors and a interception in the dying seconds of the game secured the win for the Blitz B. 

In what was a hard fought game where either side could have won, it sure reverberated around the leagues that both teams have come to play this season! 

With a 3 week break the Bobcats now move to 1-1 and look to the away fixture at London Blitz B on the 18th May 2019 the next game in the Bobcat calendar. 

So your Roxy's Bistro Bar MVP's are:


Offensive MVP – WR Joe Edwards

Defensive MVP – The entire Bobcat Defensive Line


Photos credit to Chris Coope. 


Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 33 - 39 Blitz