Dreadnoughts 39 - 0 Bobcats

The second half of the Bobcats season and they were up against their division rivals the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts. The Bobcats approached this away fixture with a small squad unfortunately hampered by injuries from the first five games of the season.

The game started with the Bobcats receiving the ball but unable to get going forced to punt from an early 3 and out. The Portsmouth offense took to the field and with almost clinical execution managed to run their way down the field for the first touchdown of the game. The ensuing point after attempt tipped resulting in the score sitting at 6-0 to the home side.

The first quarter failed to produce any magic mainly hard running from both teams and not much to show for it. The only sad points were that the Bobcats again lost two players to potentially season ending injuries but we wish the speediest recoveries to DE #99 Matt Clarkson and LB #51 David Burridge.

The second quarter began and the Bobcats just couldn’t seem to get going on offense and find that elusive first down. Having to punt the ball back to the Dreadnoughts throughout, with this they continued to run hard chewing up field and forcing the Bobcat defence to work hard.

Due to the extending time of the defence on the field in warm conditions they started to tire and leak points from a well-disciplined Portsmouth offence.  This left the score at half time a rather hard to swallow 30-0.

The Bobcats attempted to regroup at half time, in which they did and started to cause some issues to the Portsmouth defence forcing them to punt on a few occasions. The offense still struggling unfortunately due to having some fill in players on the o-line finding a first down was very difficult.

The Bobcats continued to battle hard until the final whistle only allowing a field goal and one touchdown in the second half, while the offense continued to fight had in a day where the ball game just wasn’t going their way.

Although the result did not go the way of the Bobcats we do look at the positives of every game and our game MVP’S this week –


Defensive MVP’S -

LB Duncan Ross #23

DE John Kelly #58


Offensive MVP’S - 

LT George Thacher #74

And our OL step ins

WR Keith Barnes #13

RB Davy Baker #26

RB Nathaniel Thatcher #18

LB Connor Clark #60

Bobcats stumble away to the Dreadnoughts

Final Score:                                                 Dreadnoughts 39 – 0 Bobcats                                    

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