Bobcats 48 - 0 Pumas

After over a month’s break the Bobcats returned to home field; continuing their 2017 campaign at Bournemouth Electric to host the Maidstone Pumas. 

The Maidstone Pumas came to Bournemouth in high spirits; they recorded their first win of the season the previous week against the Hasting Conquerors, and all eyes were focused on the Bobcats allowing an upset after having some time off to lick their wounds following the away loss to the Hertfordshire Cheetahs.


1st Quarter:
Maidstone started with the ball and was quickly stopped by the Bobcats defence who has been relentless this season in abusing opposition offences. A well-constructed opening drive by the Bobcats combined with the hard running of Isaacs (#9) and Baker (#26) opened the scoring with the first touchdown of the day; a 1-yard run by QB Macdonald (#1). The extra point by Tarr (#61) was successful, bringing the score to 7-0.
Unfortunately for Maidstone they did not hold on to the ball for long, as another 3 and out forced by the defence gave the ball back the Bobcats. Very similar to the first drive the Bobcats backfield pounded through the Maidstone defence chewing up the field again setting up a smooth run through the line for Macdonald’s #1 second touchdown of the day; this time the extra point was blocked leaving the score 13-0. 
The Pumas now with another chance to attempt to put some points on the board, moving the ball but they came up against a Bobcats defence that were in no mood to stay on the field long and the ball was back in Bournemouth possession. Some more strong hard running from the Bobcat back field resulted in Baker #26 strolling into the end zone for a touchdown, with the extra point this time good the score at the end of the 1st quarter was 20-0.


2nd Quarter:
Start of the 2nd quarter and the Bobcat defence not wanting to miss out on all the action forced a fumble by DE Brooks #71 that was recovered by DB Morgan #90 gave the offence the ball with very little field to move through. Some more excellent running and MacDonald #1 added a third score to his total on the day, the extra point was incomplete- 26-0.

Puma’s offence just could not get going as the Bobcats defence continued to be disruptive; sacking the QB and breaking up what could be potential big plays. This time the Bobcats offence was gifted with short field to work with. After knocking on the door for the second time a short throw to WR Barnes #13 for a very hard fought 2 yards resulted in the Bobcats 5th touchdown of the half, with the extra point successful the score now 33-0.
More fantastic defensive play by the Bobcats again stopping the Puma’s offence from doing anything of significance, the Bobcat offence marched down the field and for the fourth and final time QB Macdonald #1 got yet another hard-fought rushing touchdown. With the extra point good, the score at half time was 40-0.


Second half:
Having performed so well in the 1st half, the Bobcats came into the 2nd of half the game rather lacklustre. The Maidstone defence began to make plays; forcing the currently daydreaming Bobcats into consecutive 3 and out series’. 

After several unsuccessful drives the Bobcats finally found a breakthrough in the 4th quarter, where a short pass from QB Colosio (#6) to Josh Peck (#11;) who broke initial contact and flew for 30+ yards into the end zone. The extra point missed the score was now 46-0, with the clock running down the Bobcats were still looking to score more points to sit prettier in the league table. 

With the offence unable to find any more points the defence that had been expertly masterminded all afternoon by defensive coaches Williams and Bedford, popped up with a safety to add 2 points of their own to the score now 48-0.
With the clock running down there was no more time for any more action and the Bobcats finished the day off 48-0 FT winners, an excellent first half from the Bobcat offence and a fantastic all round performance by the defence getting a safety and the all-important shut out. 

Now with confidence high the Bobcats have a short week ahead to prepare for the arrival of league leaders the Hertfordshire Cheetahs to Bournemouth Electric. This Sunday the 18th June 2017 kick off again is at 2:30pm come down and give us your support be it via game day assistance or watching. 

Congratulations to game MVP’s:
Offensive MVP: Running back – Davy Baker
Defensive MVP: Defensive End – Will Brooks

Bobcats bounce back with big win over Pumas

Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 48 – 0 Pumas                                   

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