Bobcats 65 - 8 Conquerors

Game 2 of the 2018 season the Bobcats had a visit from the Hastings Conquerors, both teams winless at the start of days play both hungry to get their seasons rolling. Last time the Bobcats faced off against the Conquerors it was a shoot-out ending in victory to the Conquerors.   


The game started with the Bobcats on defense, a successfully 3 and out they started the day well. The first Bobcats offensive drive they were unable to punch it in and had to settle for 3 points, a good field goal kick from Tarr #61, 3-0 to the Bobcats. 


The Bobcats defense at full strength today were playing hard and slowly pushing the conquerors further back into their own end zone. A blocked punt resulting in referee chaos.....resulted in a Bobcats touchdown, his first ever by DE Cameron #27 with the PAT good the score 10-0.   

The Bobcats continued to move the ball well on offense but turned the ball over when some quick- witted play from the Conquerors DE forced a fumble in which he recovered. The Bobcats defense again stepped up and forced a 3 and out, which led to the punt return from Jean-Alexandre (we will stick to his nickname TITi for the rest of the report) set up excellent field position for the offense. Macdonald #1 led his offence down the field and finished the drive off with a well-executed pass to rookie receiver Moreland #83 resulting in the second touchdown of the day. The PAT wide left the score now 16-0.  

The ball back with the conquerors but yet again some exceptional defensive play this time from rookie LB Abate #48 forcing and recovering a fumble giving the Bobcats offense the ball back on the Conquerors 1-yard line. With only a short distance to cover the ball was handed off to veteran RB Baker #26 whom found the end zone for touchdown number 3 of the day, the PAT good and the score 22-0.   

The Conquerors although small in size were big at heart and their hard work payed off with a big pass play beating the Bobcats coverage and a good take by the Hastings receiver gave the Conquerors their only score of the day. They quickly followed this up with a successful 2-point conversion to take the score to 22-8.  The Bobcats whom were undeterred by this score continued to dominate on offence and TiTi #19 with one of his many hard-working runs found the end zone, the PAT good score now 29-8.   

The Conquerors next possession was much more successful and they started to find a rhythm on offence methodically marching down the field. They had to eventually settle for a field goal after some hard work from the Bobcats defense that resulted in a block by Ross #23. Another short Bobcats offensive drive due to a result of yet another big TiTI #19 run taking the game into his own hands scoring his second touchdown of the day. Good PAT yet again from Tarr #61 the score now 37-8.  

Another short Conquerors possession the Bobcats defense was now tightening up after giving up the big pass play earlier in the game. This next drive was a culmination of Macdonald #1 and TiTi #19 running pounding the ball down the field round and through Conquerors defenders. Which set up a short touchdown pass from Macdonald #1 to receiver Burn #24 taking the score to 45-8 after a good PAT and this is how the first half came to an end.   



The second half began as the first ended with a Bobcats touchdown, this time from a kick return. TiTi #19 gathering the ball in his own 15-yard line and making his way down the field and into the Conquerors end zone. The PAT again successful from Tarr #61, the score was now 52-8. The ball wasn't in Conquerors hands long a quick 3 and out and exceptional field position from the punt return gave the Bobcats short field to work with. A well-executed run play to Griffith #89 and some big blocking up front gave the Bobcats their eighth touchdown of the day; with the missed PAT this took the score now to 58-8.   

With the game clock now running both teams continued to play hard regardless of the score, the Bobcats defense continued to stop the Conquerors aerial attack with some outstanding coverage from Sandford #21 whom batted down anything thrown his way.   

The Bobcats had the ball back again late in the 4th quarter and looking to keep playing hard continued to march down the field through some good running plays. A few persistent penalties saw the Bobcats score 3 times on one drive just to get 7 points, but this last touchdown was a well-placed pass from Macdonald #1 to receiver Barnes #13 whom jinxed his way into the end zone. Ninth touchdown!! PAT good the score now sitting at 65-8.   

The game now fizzling out, it ended with an interception by the defense putting the game officially to bed. An exceptional day on offence and an even better day on defense getting a touchdown and causing havoc throughout. Credit goes out to the Hastings Conquerors whom travelled light but played big for the entire game.  

The Bobcats have a short week as they are in action again Sunday 20th May against the Swindon Storm.  


The Roxy's game MVPs are:  

Offensive MVP : RB Jean-Alexandre Geas (TITI): 3 touchdowns and over 100 yards rushing  

Defensive MVP: DB James Sandford: shutdown corner stopping anything thrown his way.  


Bobcats win big against Conquerors

Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 65 - 8 Conquerors