Cheetahs 36 - 8 Bobcats

Bobcats stumble to a loss against well disciplined Cheetahs!

Week 3 of the Bobcats 2017 season involved a long trip to St Albans to face the SFC 2 South leaders the Hertfordshire Cheetahs.

The Bobcats high in confidence after their outstanding performance against the Conquerors approached this game with the belief that they could pull off the upset of the day. Having received the ball to start the game the offense was met by a well drilled and organised Cheetahs defence. The opening drive ended badly in two ways for the Bobcats the most important being the loss of our centre Adam Bowley #69 to a broken wrist as a family here we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Not to rest on our laurels the Bobcats continued to play hard football, where the defence who have been playing as an unstoppable unit forced a fumble by Dowthwaite #16 and recovered by Tisshaw #83 giving the ball back to the offence. Unfortunately, the offence was unable to take advantage and had to punt back to the Cheetahs. Whom starting on their 1-yard line dragged out a long drive and ran in for their first touchdown of the day with their signature sweep. The 2-point conversion attempt was good, the deadlock was broken and the score 8-0 to the home side.

The Bobcats got the ball back and tried to get going again, after a couple of good plays the ball was again turned over due to a good read by the Cheetahs secondary popping up with an interception. The Cheetahs punished the Bobcats for this mistake and with some hard-determined running powered their way in for their second touchdown of the day, with the 2-point attempt a success the score was now 16-0. The Bobcats were again unable to get anything significant on offence having to punt back to the Cheetahs, but the Bobcat defence were still playing hard and making big plays.


With yet another Interception this season, ball hawk Burn #24 stole the ball back for the Bobcats, to get the offence back on the field. This drive again ended in another turnover as the Cheetahs secondary made an exceptional play on the ball resulting in the second Bobcat interception of the day.  The Cheetahs found themselves in the Bobcat end-zone making the score 22-0 as the 2-point conversion this time failed.

The Bobcats got the ball back and trying to get something going ended up with yet another 3 and out. But under some luck the resulting punt by Tarr #61 bonked a rather over enthusiastic Cheetah on the head and was well recovered by Isaac #9 to get the ball back to the offence. With the Bobcats now in the red zone trying to find that elusive first touchdown, they again turned the ball over from yet another interception. But the Cheetahs did not have the ball long as a well-timed snap read by Williams #18 sacking the Cheetahs QB whom coughed up the ball for Tisshaw #83 to get his second fumble recovery of the day. This gave the ball back to the offence on the Cheetahs 1-yard line, but a resolute Cheetah defence were not giving up points easily.


After knocking on the door 3 times it took some tactical thinking by coaches McClean and Ackroyd whom on 4th down devised a play that freed up receiver Griffith #89 for the Bobcats to score their first points of the day. The 2-point conversion was then successful with some smart running by QB Macdonald #1 score 22-8. This ended the first half with the Bobcats trailing but still fighting hard, the half time message was to keep going to the end.

The Cheetahs received the ball to start the second half and took little time in working their way down the field and running in for the touchdown, with the 2-point conversion unsuccessful the score now 28-8. The Bobcats received the ball back on the kick-off but this ended in a fumble by Griffith #89 whom gave the ball back to the Cheetahs with very little ground to cover. With very little rest after the fumble the low numbered Bobcats defence was starting to tire and the next play resulted in a long pass that was caught and scored by the Cheetahs. The 2-point conversion successful made the score 28-8 and the game was now slowing starting to slip out of Bobcat reach.

With both sides; defensive units standing resolute the ball was punted back and forth a few times, with a Bobcat punt being perfectly executed by Isaac #9 whom gave the Cheetah returner no chance once catching the ball but to hit the fall. The next turnover was in favour of the Bobcats, where Ross #23 leaped into the air to intercept the ball but as he hit the ground the ball found its way into the hands of Burn #24 whom returned the ball for decent field position.


The Bobcats were unable to take advantage of the defence’s great play and the ball was back in the Cheetahs hands. This time their receiver pulled off some fantastic individual effort making a few Bobcat defenders miss tackles to score. The 2-point conversion again good the score now 36-8 to the home side.

The game now out of reach, the Bobcats received two more blows to end what was already a hard day in the office. Back up QB Colosio #6 whom was giving his physical skill set to the defence ended up with a knee injury and Smith #17 whom leaped through the air with which would have been a spectacular interception also resulted in a knee injury, we hope they have speedy recoveries.

The game closed out at 36-8 to the Hertfordshire Cheetahs, the Bobcats fought hard with small numbers and gave the Cheetahs a hell of a game but moving our season to 1-2. With a now 5-week bye the Bobcats are focusing on improving and being ready to get back to winning ways in our next game at home against the Maidstone Pumas.

Congratulations to game MVP’S

Offensive MVP: OT Gregory Coope #66

Defensive MVP – LB Sam Williams #18

Final Score:                                                 Cheetahs 36 – 8 Bobcats                                   

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