Conquerors 0 - 61 Bobcats

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Game 7 the penultimate game of the Bournemouth Bobcats regular season, saw them take the long travel to the Hastings Conquerors. The Conquerors with a small squad and the Bobcats also travelling light and having lost to the Conquerors here last time the game was poised to be an interesting spectacle of football. 

The game started with the defence hitting hard and forcing an early 3 and out to get the ball back to the Bobcats offence. The offence took to the field and with only two plays later 'the Flying Frenchman' Titi #19 broke free for a 40 yard run resulting in the first score of the game, the PAT good from #61 Tarr the score 0-7 to the Bobcats. 

The Bobcats defence playing high octane football stopped Hastings instantly resulting in yet another 3 and out and the Conquerors had to punt the ball away. The offence on this occasion maybe to relaxed from the ease of the first score, were unable to make anything come of their next drive. Having to settle for a field goal which resulted in a miss leaving the Bobcats empty handed. 

After this particular drive the first half and rest of the game took a strange turn. The Bobcats defence focusing mainly on not conceding any points due to an eye on making the play-offs, decided to take on scoring a few points themselves. When up sprang Burn #24 whom provided the Bobcats with their second touchdown of the day plucking a wayward ball out of the air and returning it for a pick 6. PAT good the score now 0-14 to the away side, the ball quickly found its way back to the Bobcat offence as the defence continued to dominate the game. 

Not to be out done by his defensive counter parts, Titi #19 decided to join the party again, with yet another of his long runs. The PAT good the score 0-21 to the Bobcats. Still in the first quarter and the score climbing, a bit of madness took place. The Bobcats defense causing the Conquerors to another 3 and out they decided to punt. When after a faulty snap the punter decided to boot the ball away, but to his dismay he sliced it back towards his own end zone. When up popped rookie DE Walton #63, whom through all the confusion managed to (just about) claim the ball and take it back for a fumble recovery touchdown. PAT from Tarr #61 with his reliable boot was good, the score now 0-28.

The Bobcats having to give the ball back to the Hastings offence, they again forced them into a punting situation. As special teams continued to dominate the game, this time a well taken punt return from an unlikely source. Williams #18 decided to steal away the ball from the punt returner with a well taken catch and took the ball for a long touchdown return, PAT good again the score now 0-35. 

At this point the Bobcats offence were pretty bored and slowly developing a repetitive strain from putting their helmets on for the punt to them take them back off when special teams plucked out a score!

Not to be outshone the defense continued to add to the party, when Leeland #22 whom got his first ever interception in our last game. This time he decided to go one better, with our second interception of the game and our second pick 6 of the game, PAT good. That whistled in the end of the first half the score 0-42 to the Bobcats and the clock now officially running!

The ball kicked off to the Bobcats offence (finally), this time under centre for the first time this season Head Coach McClean #35 came in to take over the reins.  Methodically he marched his offence down the field to finish the drive off with a hard run from Thatcher (Tanky) #12 for his first senior Bobcats touchdown. The PAT good the score 0-49, the ball not in the possession of the Conquerors offence long due to another stop via the Bobcats defense. 

Up popped that Bobcats special teams unit, where Burn #24 took the punt to the house for the second time in this game. Due to some toe related issues for Tarr #61 he had to relinquish kicking duties to Burn #24 whom unfortunaltely missed the PAT (I'm sure due to tiredness after returning the punt) 0-55.

The Bobcats defence still on the field dominating the game, forced a fumble via the tenacity of Isaacs #9 which was recovered by Chandler #20. This gave the Bobcats offence a chance to take the field again, where two well placed passes from McClean #35 to QB now WR for a drive Macdonald #1 scored on a short route into the end zone. The PAT again wayward the score now 0-61. 

The defence continued to be a nuisance for the Hastings offence and Isaacs #9 again being the play maker he has been at linebacker all season, popped up with yet another Bobcats turnover this time via an interception. 

The game then slowly fizzled out as the running clock chewed through a quicker than usual second half. The game finished with the Bobcats scoring 61 unanswered points and keeping the Conquerors out of the end zone strengthening their slim chance at play-offs. 

The afternoon finished with some food, beer and a raffle via some excellent hosting on the part of the Hasting Conquerors whom are gents on and off the field. 

The Bobcats now turn their attention to the final game of the season against the Swindon Storm. 

All photos of course credit of Chris Coope. 

Your game MVP'S brought to you by Roxy's Bistro Bar:

Offense: Nathaniel 'Tanky' Thatcher- first rushing TD and a solid game at HB.

Defense: James Walton- tackles galore and his first TD!

Bobcats put in dominant performance against the Conquerors


Final Score:                                                 Conquerors 0 - 61 Bobcats