Cheetahs 42 - 0 Bobcats

Game 6 the second away game of 4 for the Bournemouth Bobcats and this found them taking the trip up to St Albans to face the undefeated Hertfordshire Cheetahs. 

The Bobcats started with the ball and were unable to get going on the first drive and had to settle for a 3 and out. The Bobcats defence keeping up their strong performances so far this season started the game fast and furious forcing the Cheetahs offence to punt the ball away. 

The Bobcats offence took to the field and started to get the ball moving with some good running. Only to be thwarted by the most athletic interception I have witnessed in British american football to date by a Cheetahs cornerback. 

The Cheetahs with good field position slowly made their way towards the end zone, but the drive came to a halt when yet another athletic interception from rookie CB Leeland #22  gave him his first career interception after spending a long part of his rookie season injured.


The Bobcats starting deep in their own end zone managed to wiggle out for some breathing space, but only to be thwarted by yet more athletic cornerback play by the Cheetahs breaking up a certain Bobcats 1st down.  

The Cheetahs receiving the ball back marched down the field behind some heavy power running. At this point they managed to pound the ball in for their first score of the day, the Cheetahs attempted a 2-point conversion getting the score to 8-0 to end the first quarter.

The Bournemouth Bobcats offence still unable to get going had to punt the ball back to the Cheetahs, but the defence continued to keep up their end of the bargain stopping the Cheetahs achieving a turn over on downs.


The Bobcats again unable to find that elusive 1st down had to kick the ball back to the Cheetahs whom on this possession found the end zone again behind yet more hard running. Another 2-point conversion run converted the score at the half 16-0 to the Cheetahs.  

The half time talk from the offence was to calm down and execute, where as the defence nursing injuries at this time to key players vied to keep up the high intensity. 

The Bobcats defence started the second half well stopping the initial Cheetahs drive, but the offence continued to struggle and gave up a second interception. The next few drives from the Bobcats and Cheetahs were ended via punts with both sides offence's unable to get the ball moving. 

Until the Cheetahs got the break with a 90-yard touchdown run, with no-one to kick the Cheetahs went for 2 points again with a successful run in making the score 24-0.

Unfortunately the Bobcats pass game struggled in the initial 3rd quarter and they found them selves giving up yet another interception. With yet another running touchdown score for the Cheetahs and again 2-point conversion.

A familiar story occurring on a hot and not so good day offensively for the Bobcats, with yet another picked off pass. The Cheetahs again taking advantage of offence mistakes a big touchdown pass resulting in another Cheetahs touchdown. 

The Bobcats offence now decided to hit the air some more and some excellent receptions from receiver Moreno #8 whom managed to grab some difficult balls gave the Bobcats offence a bit of spark. 

The Bobcats getting the ball moving through the air unfortunately gave up yet another interception, in which the Cheetahs took advantage of and scored their final touch down of the day. If I'm being completely honest I don't remember the last touchdown it was hot and I was tired at this point!!

In true Bobcats fashion with the score 42-0 the game all but done they continued to fight on with big receptions by Gentile #88 and a big run by Griffith #89. 

The game ended 42-0 on the day with the Bobcats playing out of their skin but injuries to Lee-Sang, Abate and King being the biggest downer of the day. 

This now takes the Bobcats record to 2-4 on the season with play-offs looking a hard ask. The Bobcats now have a week break and turn their attention to the long trip to the Hastings Conquerors. 

All photos of course credit of Chris Coope. 

Your game MVP'S brought to you by Roxy's Bistro Bar:

Offensive MVP: WR #8 Nacho Mancera Moreno - several great catches including an important over the shoulder for a big first down. (The play of the game below)

Defensive MVP: CB#22 James Leeland - His first ever interception, multiple tackles and great reading of the game. 

Bobcats suffer heavy defeat in the heat at Hertfordshire

Final Score:                                                 Cheetahs 42 - 0 Bobcats