Bobcats 22 - 8 Storm

Hard fighting Bobcats weather the Storm!

Game 3 of the Bournemouth Bobcats 2018 season brought the Swindon Storm to Poole Rugby club. The Bobcats very much on a high after their big victory over the Hastings Conquerors, knew this game was very important towards their final position in the table at the end of the season.

The Bobcats started the game out on defense with the Storm electing to take the ball. The Bobcats defense got off to a slow start allowing the Storm and their RB #47 to pound the ball down the field. The Bobcats initial had no answer for the power run of the Storm allowing them to pound the ball in on their first drive for 6 points, they followed this up with a well taken 2-point conversion putting the score at an early 0-8.

The offence took to the field but a slow start seemed to be the theme of the day and that’s exactly how the offense took to the field, struggling to find the right hole while running and inversely struggling to connect a pass.

The Bobcats defense then stepped up after the first drive and proceeded to thwart the efforts of the Storm and their power run game. On continuous occasions forcing 3 and outs and giving the offence excellent field position to work with.  Although the Bobcats offense continued to carry the lackluster start through the first half, giving up an interception when on the Storm 10 yard line and generally struggle to get to the end zone.

Although on offense things looked bleak at the time the defense played their hearts out stopping everything thrown their way and then came the defining play of the game. Last 10 seconds of the half with the Storm closing in on the end zone, the Bobcats defense stepped up and made a big tackle on their 1-yard line forcing the Storm to miss out on a crucial score just before the half ended.

0-8 HT

The second half started and the Bobcats offense came out finally woken up and marched down the field to again find themselves stuck at the Storm end zone. A well-placed pass by #1 QB Macdonald to #24 Burn gave the Bobcats their first score of the game. QB #1 Macdonald rushed in for the 2-point conversion the game was now 8-8 and the turn started to happen.

The Bobcats defense continued to stop the Storm with some hard hitting from #48 Abate and the ever presence of #9 Isaacs whom seemed to appear almost everywhere on the field, blocking punts, swatting passes and making tackles. The offense now fully awake moved down the field well to set up a short #1 Macdonald run into the end zone to give the Bobcats their second score of the game and a good PAT by #61 Tarr gave the Bobcats the lead 15-8.

In quick succession the defence forced a fumble (not sure who by sorry) but the ball was back with the offense. Again good running from #26 Baker and #19 Titi set up the next Bobcat score. After attempt and attempt #1 Macdonald finally connected with #89 Griffith (whom had placed butter on his hands in the first half) for the third and final touchdown of the game. The PAT good the score was now at 22-8.

The start of the 4th quarter and the Bobcats were very much now looking at draining the clock and running the ball to do so. Having set up a good field goal attempt unfortunately usual kicker #61 Tarr having hurt his foot on the play before the kick, the responsibility now fell to all-rounder #19 Titi. The kick blocked by a leaping Storm player, the ball was now into the Storms possession. They marched down the field with #47 (the biggest guy ever) leading the charge, but the defence continued to make stops and again forced the Storm to go for it on 4th down in which they were unable to convert.

This gave the Bobcats the chance to take a knee and run out the clock ending the game. A fantastic well fought game by both sides in what was the closest game of the Bobcats season so far.

The Bobcats now have a week off and will welcome the Hertfordshire Cheetahs.

All photos credit of Chris Coope.

Game MVP’S brought to you by Roxy’s Bistro Bar:

Offensive MVP: Craig Macdonald QB #1 – two touchdown passes and a rushing touchdown

Defensive MVP: David Isaacs S/RB #9 – 11.5 tackles 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble and a field goal block (Animal)


This week the Britball community experienced tragedy as a Cambridgeshire Cat player passed away playing the sport he loved. As part of such a small knit community that is Britballers we extend our condolences to the Cambridge Cats and the family members of Charles Mack. 

A crowdfunding appeal has been started to help raise money in support of his family. Please use the link below to leave even a small donation.


Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 22 - 8 Storm