Bobcats 8 - 24 Cheetahs

Bobcats come up short against the Cheetahs

Game 4 the final home game for the Bournemouth Bobcats found them facing off against the Hertfordshire Cheetahs, a team that at the start of play were sitting at 2-0 having registered over 100 points in two games.

The Bobcats came into this game high on confidence after a hard fought win over the Swindon Storm last time out. The Bobcats started with the ball and started hard but were unable to get the ball moving to get the first down and succumbed to a 3 and out.

The defence carried on where they left off from the Storm game and they started strong forcing the confident Cheetahs offence to punt the ball away thwarting their first drive of the game. The Bobcats offence again sluggish out of the gates was unable to find the first down and had to punt the ball back to the Cheetahs. Who started with the ball pinned back in their own end zone after an excellent punt from Tarr #61. They started strong and marched their way down the field to the Bobcats 5 yard line.

When up popped emerging star rookie LB Abate #48 whom got his first ever interception for the club. The Bobcats now had the ball pinned back on their own 3 yard line and subsequently fumbled the snap giving the ball right back to the Cheetahs. This resulted in the first score of the game a short 1 yard run in, followed by an unsuccessful 2-point conversion giving the Cheetahs the lead at 0-6.


The Bobcats offense came back out meaning business and this time chewed up the field with a good run from Baker #26 and an excellent back shoulder catch from Moreland #83. A penalty unfortunately caused a setback to the good Bobcat series of plays forcing them into a long yardage situation starting at the end zone, having to settle for a field goal that resulted in a botched snap leaving the hard fought Bobcats drive scoreless.

The Cheetahs started their next possession well but an excellent feat of athleticism from #18 Williams to tip the ball at the line of scrimmage giving #27 Cameron the opportunity to spring up and intercept the ball. The Bobcat offence again unable to get going and take advantage of the defenses good work, had to punt back to the Cheetahs.


Whom took their next opportunity  and drove down the field methodically, ending the drive with a well-placed throw to their receiver giving them their second touchdown of the day. The 2-point conversion attempt unsuccessful the score now sitting at 0-12 to the Hertfordshire Cheetahs, with the end of the second quarter approaching.


Half Time- 0-12.


The start of the second half and the Cheetahs had the ball back, with yet another good drive they managed to score on another short run after a long drawn out drive. The 2-point attempt unsuccessful bringing the score to 0-18.


The Bobcats not ones for letting their heads drop continued to play hard, with some good hard running again by #26 Baker they found themselves sniffing at the Cheetahs end zone. When a well-executed pass play from #1 Macdonald to receiver #89 Griffith (who is pretty sure he tapped his toes) was ruled out of bounds at the back of the end zone.


The Bobcats unable to make anything of this drive had to go for it on 4th down and they came up short giving the ball back to the Cheetahs. The Bobcats deference continued to work hard and some well-timed hard hits stopped the Cheetahs offence forcing them to punt the ball back to the Bobcats.


The next drive the Bobcats unleashed their flying Frenchmen #19 Titi whom cut through the Cheetahs defense for a blistering 40+ yard touchdown run. The 2-point attempt a well taken catch by receiver #8 Nacho on a short route into the end-zone making the score 8-18 to the Cheetahs.

The game plan understandable for the Cheetahs now to control the clock, they began to run but were stopped short of the 1st down marker by the hard working Bobcats defense. The Bobcats offense unable to find a 1st down having to give the ball back to the Cheetahs with very little time left on the clock.

The Cheetahs took advantage of this extra possession and a well taken run by the Cheetahs QB unfortunately put the final nail in the coffin.


A hard fought close game by both sides and yet another outstanding Bobcats defensive performance only to come up short. 


The Bobcats now have a few weeks break to lick their wounds and start the traveling stage of the schedule by heading to our division rivals the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts.  

All photos credit of Chris Coope.

Game MVP’S brought to you by Roxy’s Bistro Bar:

Offensive MVP: OG Adam Bowley #69 for being a leader both on and off the field making some crucial blocks.

Defensive MVP: LB Sam Williams #18 with constant tackles and disrupting the Cheetahs offense all afternoon.


Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 8 – 24 Cheetahs