Bobcats 8 - 37 Renegades

Bobcats lose to Renegades at home

The most recent game saw the Bobcats welcomed the Berkshire Renegades to Chapel Gate in what was a top of the table clash in the SFC II South.

The Bobcats suffered a heavy defeat away to the Renegades in game 2 but after a good win away at the Mavericks, The Bobcats were in good spirits and wanted to stamp their authority on the division.

The Bobcats received the opening kick-off however they were unable to make much progress. Forced to punt the Renegades took over. The Bobcats defence initially struggled to make inroads into the Renegade offence and they found the end zone with their first possession. The point after was blocked but the Renegades were on the board and looking strong.

Bobcats 0 – 6 Renegades

Due to a muddy end zone at one end the whole game played one way but this didn’t seem to affect either side who after the first possessions looked to find their rhythm. Despite some positive yardage plays and some tough running up the middle from #1 MacDonald, the Bobcats were unable to get near the red zone and were forced to punt on several occasions. The Renegades offence was well drilled and confident. The run game was making the defence work hard and although there were key tackles from several players, they couldn’t stop the Renegades sweeping in for another touchdown. The point after was no good.

Bobcats 0 – 12 Renegades

With plenty of the first half still to play the Bobcats offence needed to put a drive together and give the defence a rest. Despite making a couple of first downs, the going continued to be tough and once again after punting the Renegades worked the ball into scoring range and ran in from short yardage. This time they went for the two point conversion that was no good.

Bobcats 0 – 18 Renegades

An interception then handed another golden opportunity before the end of the half and then took full advantage, the Renegades QB finding the receiver in the corner of the end zone. Again the two point conversion was no good but the damage had already been done.

Bobcats 0 - 24 Renegades

Second Half

The second half was a much closer affair. The Bobcats stepped up their game and started to make some real impact, pressuring the QB and making tackles in the backfield. The Renegades were still making the most of their chances and scored another touchdown before handing the Bobcats a slightly fortunate possession. With the Bobcat offence forced to punt the ball went up for what seemed like an easy catch. At the last minute the Renegade returner changed his mind and ducked under ball. It bounced off his back and became a live ball. Several Bobcat players scrambled after the ball and eventually recovered it.

This gave the Bobcat offence another chance to stop the shutout. Running the ball with #26 Baker and #9 Isaacs, the Bobcats took the ball into the red zone and #9 Ran into the corner for the score. The two point conversion was successful and the Bobcats were on the board.

Bobcats 8 – 31 Renegades

The game moved back and forth late on with the Bobcat defence causing problems and backing up the Renegade offence.

Final score                             Bobcats 8 – Renegades 37

Sadly they could not stop the Renegades putting one more score on the board before the game ended.

Final score

Bobcats 8 – 37 Renegades

The Bobcats have a couple of weeks break before they travel to Portsmouth to take on the Dreadnoughts.

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