Bobcats 19 - 2 Raptors


Bobcats open the 2019 season with a win over the Raptors.

The opening game of the Bobcats 2019 season started with a lot of new experiences. The first being a new home ground, the second facing a new division contender but an old foe. The DIV 2 South kicked off with the second ever Dorset Bowl against the Jurassic Coast Raptors.

The game started with the Raptors on offence; an offence that uses a lot of back field deception but this did not initially fool the fired up Bobcats defence! After a quick 3 and out the Bobcats offence took to the field, but were slow to get going with only a few solid runs from new RB Covi #31.

With the wind high and the field cold the pass game didn’t take off as expected, with the Raptors defending the Bobcats pass attack efficiently. The ball was moving back and forth between offences as neither offence really able to find that elusive spark to get some points.

The first points came deep in the second quarter, after some big runs by RB Baker #26 and a couple of clutch catches from WR Burn #24 and WR Gentile #88 setting the Bobcats up in excellent field position. With QB #1 Macdonald taking the ball over the line with a powerful run up the middle to get the first touchdown of the season and of the game. The PAT wide right on a windy day the score sitting at 6-0 to the Bobcats.  

The first half continued to be a back and forth affair of two offences struggling to find first downs and two defences sharing interceptions the Bobcats pick coming courtesy of new DB #17 Dimuna.

6-0 Half Time

The second half started with the ball in Bobcats possession and with the need to get things going, the train that is RB #27 Ranger left the station. This began with a few big runs, breaking tackles and just some good old fashioned downhill running! This impressive long drive was then capped off with another long run this time courtesy of RB #26 Baker, whom took advantage of some excellent wide receiver blocking to sneak in for the second touchdown of the day! The PAT this time good, the score was now 13-0.

The 3rd quarter continued much like the 1st and 2nd for the defence, more running from the Raptors with the odd pass here and there. The one constant OLB #9 Isaacs, whom covered the entire field this game making tackles in the back field getting sacks and causing havoc all game. The energy of Isaacs and LB #18 Williams was endless with some touchdown saving tackles from the latter.

The Raptors offence started to find their feet with some good runs, their #88 whom played safety, running back this guy was everywhere. He kept getting hit but kept getting up, his spirit was unfathomable and his energy and fight continued to help carry the Raptors along putting together an impressive drive. Staring at the Bobcats end zone the Raptors opted for a pass that was intercepted on the 1-yard leaving the offence with a tricky task to get out.

The Bobcats opted for a power run which unfortunately didn’t work out and the Raptors grabbed a safety registering their first points of the game. The safety a small sight of celebration for the Raptors, but the Bobcats defence continued to thwart their run game.

The Bobcats incensed by the previous mistake set out to put right on the next drive. With more power running from the running backs that had exceptional games, the Bobcats marched down the field yet again. This time ending a long drive with QB #35 Mclean, pushing his way into the end zone for the 3rd and final touchdown of the game. The PAT blocked by the Raptors the score now 19-2 to the home side.

The game continued in a back and forth manner for the rest of the 4th quarter, with neither offence really getting firing and both defences stopping every attempt thrown at them. 

The Bobcats retained the Dorset Bowl and achieved their first win of the season taking them to 1-0. A good start to the season starting with a win, but now the Bobcats turn to their next game a showdown with the London Blitz B. 

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Game MVP's for 2019 are Sponsored by Roxy's Bistro Bar (All game MVP's this year will receive a £10 voucher to use at their restaurant) 

So your Roxy's Bistro Bar MVP's are:


Offensive MVP – RB Moses Ranger 

Defensive MVP – OLB David Isaacs


Photos credit to Chris Coope. 


Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 19 - 2 Raptors                                 

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