Bobcats 24 - 14 Dreadnoughts

Bobcats win season opener

The Bournemouth Bobcats opened their 2016 campaign with a close 24-14 win over the much improved Portsmouth Dreadnoughts. The weather on Sunday afternoon was perfect and the pitch in good condition despite recent rain showers as both teams looked to make an early statement in a division that could be tight all season long.​

Bournemouth received the opening kick-off and made good progress down the field. With the ball well inside Dreadnought territory, the Bobcats turned their first 

possession into points.  A 30-yard TD was thrown by QB #1 MacDonald to WR #89 Griffith who caught the ball over his head in the back left corner of the end zone. #61 Tarr added the extra point.​

Bobcats 7 - 0 Dreadnoughts​

The Bobcat defence came out firing in the first quarter and made some key tackles, stopping the Dreadnought offence from putting any drives together. This meant strong field position for the Bobcat offence who should have converted these into scores. Some key tackles and an interception stopped the Bobcats offensive momentum. The Dreadnought defence continued to hold firm and early in the second quarter blocked a Bobcat field goal attempt. ​

From the resulting change of possession the Bobcats added to their lead. The Dreadnoughts offence, backed up towards their own end zone by some more outstanding Bobcat defence, gave up two points after a tackle by #86 Coghlan in their own end zone caused a safety.​

Bobcats 9 – 0 Dreadnoughts

Nearing the end of the first half the Dreadnoughts forced an interception in good field position and set about reducing the Bobcats lead. It only took one play with a deep pass into the back of the end-zone that was caught by the Dreadnoughts receiver. The two point conversion was no good after some good team tackling from the Bobcats on the two yard line. This remained the score as the referees signalled for half


Half Time Bobcats 9-6 Dreadnoughts

The Dreadnoughts looked to continue their good work at the end of the first half into the start of the second. With the Dreadnoughts receiving the kick off, they ran the ball back for a touchdown before the Bobcat defence had a chance to step on the field. The two point conversion was also successful for the Dreadnoughts. A short pass into the left corner of the end zone was caught by the Dreadnoughts receiver.

Bobcats 9 – 14 Dreadnoughts​

The Bobcats struggled to get going again after the Dreadnoughts touchdown. The offence were making yards but penalties and some good defence forced a turnover on downs as well as an interception. The Bobcats defence remained solid, stopping the Dreadnoughts at key points and 

keeping the Bobcats in the game. The Bobcats thought they had scored twice, once from an interception and once from a punt return however they were both called back due to infringements. Some wondered if it was going to be one of those days.

However write off the Bobcats at your own peril. Showing considerable heart and determination, 

combined with some good play calling from the coaches, the Bobcats were able to force another touchdown. Changing up their play calling, the offence were able to march down the field and QB #1 MacDonald drove through a fleet of Dreadnoughts, sneaking into the end zone from the one-yard line. The extra point was good and the Bobcats took the lead once again.

Bobcats 16 – 14 Dreadnoughts

With the Bobcats back in control of the scoreboard the Dreadnoughts looked to the air to make up the yards and claw some points back. The Bobcats defence again held firm and made some important stops and an interception. This gave the opportunity for the Bobcats to not only add to their lead but also eat up the time on the game clock. Late in the fourth quarter the Bobcats secured their first win of the season as they marched the ball down the field to score another touchdown with QB #1 Macdonald running in a second from close range. The fumbled snap during the extra point was recovered and run in by #24 Burn.​

Bobcats 24 – 14 Dreadnoughts

With time on the clock there was still time for the Dreadnoughts to get the ball back. However this quickly came to an end as #24 Burn intercepted a deep throw, effectively ending the game. The offence came out one last time to take a knee and the final whistle was met by cheers from the Bobcats side-line.

Final Score:                                                 Bobcats 24 – 14 Dreadnoughts                                    

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