Bobcats 27 - 2 Conquerors

Bobcats fast start conquer Hastings

On a sweltering day at Chapel gate the Bournemouth Bobcats kept their 100% home record with a strong win over the much improved Hastings Conquerors.

The game was delayed by 30 minutes due to traffic issues however it did nothing to dampen the Bobcat offense. Receiving the opening kick-off and finding themselves in good field position, #4 Isaacs broke through the line on the first play leaving a trail of Hastings defenders behind him. This set the tone for the drive and despite a couple of penalties the offence always felt that they could make up the yardage and gain some first downs. After making to the Conquerors red zone the drive faltered but #4 Isaacs who had started the game very brightly took the hand off and ploughed into the end zone.

The ever consistent #61 Tarr kicked the extra point and just like the previous home game the Bobcat offence scored a first drive touchdown.


Bobcats 7-0 Conquerors

The Bobcats defence then got their first look at a new offensive scheme from the Conquerors. With a lot of men on line and looked to the power run game to eat up the yards. The Bobcat defence allowed a first down before working their way into the line and caused plenty of disruption. A couple of short pass completions for the Conquerors allowed them to move down the field before they were forced to punt.​

The Bobcats offence took the field for the second time and looked to dominate on the ground again. There was even more success with this, with the Bobcat running backs causing havoc in the Conquerors secondary. The Bobcat passing game kept the defence honest and it was a deep completion that resulted in the Bobcats second touchdown. After putting the defence on their heels the Bobcat offense looked downfield. On the left #99 Mepham was open down the touchline and hauled in a perfectly weighted pass from #1 MacDonald and waltzed into the end zone. Again #61 Tarr was required to kick the extra point, something that is now almost a formality.

Bobcats 14-0 Conquerors

Hastings returned the kick-off and began to try to reduce the deficit, they were given a really good 

chance when two penalties on the same play set up the Conquerors in the red zone. The Bobcats defence was firm and forced a field goal that was botched, the resulting pass was incomplete and the ball was given back to the Bobcats. Early in the second quarter the Bobcats had their first unsuccessful position and were forced to punt. The Bobcats defence however did not want to spend too much time in the sun and forced a fumble on the first play. #75 Kelly with a monster hit forced the ball loose and was recovered.​

This set the Bobcats up in good field position and they looked to the air to score quickly on a tiring Conqueror defence. A really poor hit on #8 Nacho who was looking for the ball in the air 

brought a halt to the game while he received medical treatment. He was able to leave the field under his own power and the offending Conqueror was ejected from the game. The stoppage may have played on the minds of the Bobcats offence as they then coughed up the ball to the Hastings defence.

The offence wouldn’t have long to wait on the sidelines. Another big hit from #75 Kelly saw the ball back in the hands of #1 MacDonald. This time a deep pass to #89 Griffith set up the run and #4 Isaacs went over for his second touchdown of the game. #61 Tarr added the extra point and the game was fast moving out of sight for the Conquerors.​

Bobcats 21- 0 Conquerors​

Possessions changed hands as the half ended but the Bobcats offence took advantage of good field position to pile on the misery. #1 MacDonald who had been a commanding presence all half, took off and broke through the line. Chased by two defenders MacDonald used all his ‘speed’ to make it into the end zone for a rushing touchdown. Surprisingly the extra point was no good so the Bobcats had to settle for 6.​

Bobcats 27 – 0 Conquerors​

The defence got in on the act as the half ended, with #53 Davies making an interception and putting the Bobcats in good field position. Sadly the half ended before the Bobcats could score again.​

Half Time


Bobcats 27 – 0 Conquerors


The second half started with a running clock that had been agreed upon by all involved. This meant that time went quickly and there were little opportunities to add to the score. The Bobcats offence were pinned on their own 5 year line early in the third quarter and with #1 MacDonald looking for an open receiver downfield, was sacked and conceded a safety.


Bobcats 27 - 2 Conquerors

There was little action in the fourth quarter with the game effectively over, #26 Baker had a huge TD run called back for a flag before the umpires called an end to the game.​

Final Score :                                           Bobcats 27 – 2 Conquerors

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